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How to play bingo with 75 balls

If there's one game that ticks the 'fun for all the family' box it has to be bingo. It's easy to play, competitive (in a fun way!) and has a real community feel to it. Depending on the entry fee and number of people playing, it can also lead to significant cash prizes, though even when small sums of money are involved it can be a riveting experience.

One of the more popular Bingo games is 75 ball bingo. In this type of bingo, players are given a bingo card consisting of 25 squares spread across 5 rows and columns. Each one of the squares features a number between 1 and - you've guessed it – 75! The one exception is the 'free' middle square of the card which contains a star.

All of your tickets feature a specific ticket number and in 75 Ball Bingo tickets are in strips of three. Logically the more strips you buy the greater chance you have of winning. The maximum number of strips you can buy is 6, totalling 18 tickets.

Some Bingo games have a fixed jackpot, but a factor that can largely dictate the prize money on offer is the number of players involved (and number of tickets purchased). Prizes are given based on a set event occuring, such as the first player to cross off a line or a pre-fined pattern. Numbers are drawn out until this eventually occurs.

The biggest prize on offer is given to the player who achieves a Full House. This means the first person the mark off all of the numbers on their card before others. If two players are fortunate enough to win at the same time the winnings are split between them. It's possible to win multiple prizes too, for instance if your luck was in you could be the first player to win a line or pattern and also the first to get a Full House.

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