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How to play bingo with 90 balls

In today's world there's no shortage of entertainment options, but one game that everyone knows and loves is bingo. It holds timeless appeal, is well suited to all ages and is incredibly easy to pick up and play. Many online bingo sites connect people all over the world, which is exciting in its own right, but not only that, games with a significant number of players often bring with them bigger jackpots.

One variety of Bingo that anyone familiar with bingo will know of is 90 Ball Bingo. It has plenty in common with other bingo games (such as 75 Ball Bingo) but also some noteable differences, the most obvious of them being that instead of the bingo ball numbers ranging from 1-75, they go from 1 – 90.

In 90 ball Bingo players buy bingo cards featuring 27 squares, with 9 vertical nines and 3 horizontal. Each strip contains 6 tickets, and you can buy a maximum of six strips per game.

There are three ways in win in 90 Ball Bingo. All involve being the first player to achieve a certain goal (unless two or more players do so simultaneously, in which case the winnings are split equally between them). The ways to win are: one line 1 line (all 5 numbers on a line horizontally), 2 lines (the same but for two lines) , and House (when all 15 numbers on a ticket are called).

The prizes on offer increase as each prize is won (one line, two lines, full house) and depend upon how many tickets were bought in that particular game. Many online games attract high numbers of players, resulting in healthy jackpots and games are available to play both night and day so you're never far away from your bingo fix!

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