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The history and universal appeal of bingo

In this age of social distancing and lockdowns it can be hard to stay entertained. Many pastimes that had formally taken centre stage such as trips to the cinema or a meal in a favourite restaurant suddenly become problematic or concerning. We're largely left twiddling our thumbs and at a loose end. In this strange time our world simultaneously becomes smaller and more local but at the same time let's not forget that we have the online world within our reach, and more entertainment options than we might first realise.

A case in point is the whole online casino space. Young or old alike if you're a fan of your local bingo hall, there is in today's world the option to play online, in an exciting, convenient and trusted environment. Millions of people have had the exact same idea with this online option, all piling into community chatrooms, and taking advantage of the many bonuses and offers designed to lure in new players.

Origins and Big Wins

The popularity of bingo goes back hundreds of years, all the way back in fact to 1530 in Italy where it was called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia; a type of lottery. From there it soon gained a foothold in British and France in the 18th century. And of course it was more recently heavily commercialised in the US and that model now exists in various other countries too, both online and offline. Offline venues, such as casinos, and bingo halls like Mecca are often connected, much in the same way that thousands of players are connected online, allowing for big wins to become the norm.

And how big are these sizeable wins you may ask? Well how about UK housewife Lisa Potter who in 2012 placed £5 on an online bingo game and won £1.3 million, or Christine Bradfield from Wales who won £1.1m at The Castle Club in Merthyr Tydfil. Eclipsing these two lucky ladies is former factory worker John Orchard who waged just 30p at an online bingo site in 2012 and won £5.9 million. There are no shortage of wins that amount of life changing sums of money.

A Changing Reputation

There used to be the perception that bingo was a game solely for the elderly. To be played in care homes, or stuffy, old fashioned venues. That outlook has transformed over the years though, with games now held in stylish modern venues, as well as a whole new online world that is open to all and expanded the numbers of those interested in playing. The beauty of this moment in time is that the game has not lost any of its interest to the older generations, instead now simply appealing to both young and old alike. With the versality of on and offline play, it's an industry worth billions every year, a fact that speaks to its popularity.

You've Got to be in it to Win it!

As the old idiom goes "You've got to be in it to win it" and that certainty applies to this pastime too. I remember as a child accompanying an elderly relative to bingo a couple of times, and absorbing the shared excitement of the moment. On our first trip there we didn't manage to win, but on the next occasion we did get a line up resulting in a small win. Nothing major but it made for a memorable and treasured moment. If I'd decided not to accompany her I would've missed that opportunity to have what is now a fond memory.

The same applies to online platforms. In this modern age where instant play is seconds away via a tablet, mobile phone or PC, if you don't choose to take part, your chance of winning big is zero, and those certainly aren't great odds. So what are you waiting for, sift through the options, find a trusted bingo site that ticks all of the right boxes and offers bonuses and incentives along the way, and start on your winning journey. Good luck!

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